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Hello, my name is Henry and I’m 14 years old. I have many hobbies, these include reading, gaming and talking with my friends. The languages that I can speak (non-fluently) are French, Spanish, Latin and a little German. I have taken a programming course and can use and understand basic html and a little CSS. Currently I am a member of air cadets and I have done my first class course. I enjoy talking about and learning about computers as I find computers and computer software interesting. Football is one thing I don’t like watching as I find it boring although I like playing football with my friends. Another sport which I do not like is rugby as I find this too painful. My favourite T.V programs are Doctor Who, Big Bang Theory and Sherlock other than these I do not watch very much television. However I do watch a lot of YouTube videos from YouTubers such as PewDiePie, Yogscast Lewis and Simon, Yogscast Sips and Yogscast Sjin. The main reason I watch YouTube videos is not for instructions or play-throughs but rather as comedy. I mentioned earlier that I enjoy gaming, I play on a PC rather than a console as a PC is multipurpose whereas a console can only be used for entertainment. I took IGSCE ICT as I love learning about the workings of computers and how to program them.