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1. Control
This is when a person controls a computers or robots processes, this can be used for recreation or for industry. It is used to complete specific jobs.
2. Robotics
This is when the process are controlled by a computer and have set programs so they are all automatic and so are quick and efficient.
3. Cost benefits
At first robotics is more expensive than having human workers but in the long run there is a great cost benefit as the robots need less breaks, don’t need to be paid, work a lot faster, are more efficient and only need to stop for maintenance. Therefore money is saved on the robotics and more profit is created.
Turtle logic - MSW Logo
4. Basic commands
a. Angles
To input the angle that you wish the turtle to turn you need to input the exterior angle of the turn. You also need to input the direction that you want the turtle to turn.
b. Distance
The Distance that the turtle moves along is one turtle length and so you need to make sure that the distance you want it to move is correct.
c. Shapes
The turtle can be used to draw shapes and so all the angles and distances have to be accurate and for regular shapes the repeat function can be used.
5. Repeats
If there is a regular shape to be made then you can repeat the process a number of times. You put in repeat n [command] and the turtle will repeat the command n number of times.
6. Stored procedures
You can also use it to store procedures, this means that you can give a procedure a
name and so just type in the name for the turtle to complete the procedure.
This means that you dont need to type in the commands every time you use that procedure.
Flowol - flow diagrams
Is another type of control software that uses flowcharts to control a mimic which is an image of a reallife control system. This can be a lighthouse or traffic lights.
1. Lighthouse
On of the mimics is a lighthouse for this a flowchart is needed to turn the inside lights on at night (when the sun is off) and off during the day. It also needs to make the big exterior light flash at night and stop during the day. This all needs to be automatic. 
2. Traffic lights
Another mimic is traffic lights on a bridge, these need to be coordinated so that they are in sync and do not both have green or both have red at the same time apart from at the beginning of the sequence.

Real world control systems
1. TVs & similar systems
In the real world we use remote controls to control our TVs and monitors, this allows us to control what we see on the screen.
2. Factory systems
In factories robots are used to build items and controlled either by specialised computer systems and others are controlled by a person in a control room. These robots must be checked for faults on a regular basis.

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