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IT & Medicine
Uses of IT in the medical practice
1. Scanners & X-ray
Scanners and X-ray machines are used to see if there are any irregularities in the patient’s body and so the doctors can then fix them and stop any more from developing. It also allows the doctors to diagnose the patient’s illnesses and allows them to compare the results with other similar cases and also enter the results into a diagnosis system.
2. Diagnosis – expert system
Diagnosis systems are used by doctors to enable them to decide what illness the patient has by entering the patient’s symptoms which will then be searched in a database until a disease with those symptoms are found.
3. Monitoring
Monitoring systems are used by doctors in hospitals to allow them to observe a patient’s blood pressure, heart rate, glucose level or brain activity, this helps the doctors to know when a patient’s condition is worsening.
4. Communication
Communication systems can be used in medicine to help the hospital stay in contact with the emergency services and so can prepare for any casualties and also allow the services to ask for any medical guidance or extra assistance that is needed.

ICT and Medicine Report