What is Health & Safety?
1. why is this important?
This is important because it protects the employee and by having these will keep the employee safe and so will be able to work for longer. By following these rules it means the employer is not at risk of harming an employee or being shut down.
2. Health related issues
Health related issues are issues that develop over a long period of time such as RSI.
3. Safety related issues
Safety related issues are things that are immediate and physical such as books dropping and electrocution
Relevant laws
The health and safety laws in Britain are regulated by the Health and safety executive, the laws relevant to an office environment can be found on this PDF.

The Role of
1. Health & Safety Executive
This makes the rules and regulations all employers must follow, they do not work directly with employees but through employers and can send people to check health and safety at a workplace at any time. However they must call on the police to arrest someone.
2. Unions – TUC
These work with the employees and protect their rights and health. If a person has a complaint they talk to their union who will work with the health and safety executive to check the founding of this complaint. The TUC is the trade union council and is a group of all the trade union, they draw up common policies for all the trade unions to follow.
Who is responsible?
1. Employer
The employer is responsible to make sure the employee knows how to operate the machinery safely without causing injury to themselves or to others. They are also responsible for making sure the equipment is adjusted for the employee.
2. Employee
 The employee is responsible to make sure they follow the employer’s instructions and to make sure the equipment is adjusted to them.

1. RSI
2. The Ergonomic environment
3. Computers and Stress
4. Health risks from monitors.
7. Life in a call centre

5 Photos of Work environments.

ICT Survey
Corporate H&S Presentation

HSE Leaflet – H&S Law Leaflet.pdf